Our Commitment

Our first commitment is to investors, property owners, and tenants. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence when executing our obligations to them. To them we provide an uncompromised environment in which to live, work and play. Quality service is our highest priority.

Our next commitment is to our employees. We provide a clean, orderly and positive work environment: one in which opinions are respected and concerns are voiced. We also provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, learning and advancement, and fair compensation. We allow employees to prioritize their energy and leave sufficient time for strong family relationships and personal aspirations.

Our third commitment is to the communities in which we operate. We manage for the long-term in order to benefit neighborhoods and municipalities as we build, restore and maintain land and facilities. We pursue environmentally safe and sustainable operating practices. We pay our fair share of taxes. We seek out ways to provide meaningful service in order to strengthen the environment and communities that we serve.

Finally, we commit to the shareholders of our company. We strive to be strategic in our thinking and to make wise choices that are financially sound and morally responsible, so our shareholders will realize a fair return on their investment. We employ only honest and fair accounting practices of the highest quality.